In the challenging world of Shooting, African shooter often encounter difficulties when seeking the necessary support to excel. Nevertheless, despite the obstacles they face, there are standout stars from Africa who consistently captivate the global stage, participating in prestigious competitions such as the ISSF World Shooting Championships and Olympics.

Among these exceptional athletes are Perry De Gouveia and Lauren Parsens. These individuals, along with numerous aspiring talents, depend on your support not only to pursue their dreams but also to proudly represent their nations.

Their journeys are characterized by unwavering determination and resilience, and your contribution can truly make a significant impact. Whether you choose to contribute to their training programs, share their inspirational stories, or attend their events, your support will empower these athletes to persistently strive for excellence.

Let us unite in advocating for the success of African shooters, enabling them to shine even more brilliantly on the world stage and serving as an inspiration for generations to come.


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